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The community of Marmarth is the largest in Slope County with a population of around 150.   Marmarth is in the extreme SW corner of the county and the Little Missouri River runs through the east edge of town. Marmarth also has rail service though I did not see any facility to drop off  or pick up freight.  There are pictures of the large abandoned depot below. 

Gasoline is for sale in Marmarth at the small cafe/gas station on US 12. Stock up on bottled water here too if you plan to explore the back roads. I found the ultra dry air there in April 2004 really dehydrated me. My lips were chapped after two days inspite of drinking lots of water. Cafe has a nice breakfast menu and they have homemade pie there for your coffee break.

During my 2004 visit, I stayed in Marmarth at "The Bunkhouse". It was a dormitory for railroad workers. The Marmarth Historical Society did a terrific job restoring it and now the building provides sleeping rooms to tourists. For $15 per night I got a private room with double bed, table and chair. Restroom and showers were down the hall. There is a large commons area in the entry of the building with a large refrigerator, tables, microwave oven and a television. The Bunkhouse is one block north of US12 just NW of the Pastime Restaurant/Bar. Reservations for The Bunkhouse at (701)279-6612.

The Pastime Bar and Restaurant in downtown Marmarth. Full bar and a lovely restaurant in back. You will be amazed at the variety of the menu. An excellent choice for lunch or dinner.

Two photos of the now abandoned depot in Marmarth.


2004 photo looking north into Marmarth. US 12 is the east-west road in the foreground.
The Pastime Bar/Restaurant is in the distance on the right. The Bunkhouse is hidden behind the large tree in the distance on the left.

2004 photo standing in the middle of US 12 in downtown Marmarth and looking west down US 12.

Abandoned buildings in downtown Marmarth.

Sorry, your account is closed.

Not sure what the seniors did to their meeting hall. (note the top roofline)

No gas today.

Inside the abandoned gas station.

A good reason not to get into trouble while you're in Slope County. I never saw Sheriff Pat lock anyone up during my stay here but . . . . .
This cellblock is across the street from The Bunkhouse. Two cells, no waiting.

Not all is in disrepair. Renovation underway at the Mystic Theatre

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All photos 1999,2004 Jim Attwood